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This is a FREE online business assessment tool exclusively for VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to be evaluated in 12 key areas of business with about 200 questions to measure best practices. For each country, 8 Judges/Coaches will also be reviewing the applications for the 12 business categories as outlined below.

Being a best managed company has nothing to do with sales volume. It is based purely on the best practices that are used to run the business. Every applicant will receive a valuable score indicating in which of the 12 areas they could improve – some good advice to help them become a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business! The test and the report card is free and there is no obligation whatsoever!

If you are a VAR, MSP or ITSP, then you want to run your business on best practices to maximize your profits and improve efficiencies! It says a lot when you are a well managed company!

  • It says your company is one of the best-of-the-best in the IT Channel, in your country or the World, when it comes to running your business!
  • It says that you are one of the best business leaders in the IT Industry!
  • It says that your company is poised to have sustainable success in the future!
  • It is something that your team will be very proud of and will celebrate!
  • It says that your company is where the best people want to work!
  • Every Vendor and Distributor will want to do business more with you!
  • More customers will want to do business with you!
  • You can exploit this competitive advantage in your marketing activities!

Being a best-managed company may be the recognition that truly matters the most to your company! Do you know how well you compare to best practices? Put your company to the test. Complete the online assessment today!

The 50 companies with the highest sum-total score will also win a 50 BEST MANAGED IT COMPANIES Award in their country and compete for a Global Top 50!

The assessment questions are not really new as these are the very same questions and process that expert business coaches have been using for years to help many VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to evaluate their business practices. Putting these business assessment questions online for FREE is new. Having the Judges and Coaches to help review the assessment better analysis for FREE is new. Winning an Award for being one of the top 50 Best Managed IT Companies is exciting! This is one way in which we are helping the IT Channel to become bigger, better, stronger and smarter! Want to learn more? Ask us!

Here is a very brief overview of the 12 areas in which we will be evaluating the applicants:

Do you have a written business vision and mission? Do you have a written strategy or business plan which has been bought into by all of the stakeholders, partners, suppliers, and investors in the business and is it being implemented to perfection?
Are you recruiting the right people in your business for all positions? Do you have proper written policies in place to mange and review performance? Do you have an employee conduct policy? Are you recruiting the right sales people, with the right skills, managing their performance effectively, providing them with the correct sales tools, and pointing them at the right target markets in line with your range of products and services?
Is your sales team properly using the CRM solution? Is your CRM solution well integrated with the appropriate sales process? What are your closing rates? Is you sales forecasting accurate? Do you have a sales quotation process? Are you consistently winning new customers from your key target list by taking a planned documented approach to the design of proposal documents, websites, brochures, case studies, press releases, price presentation, service and product descriptions, and contracts?
Do you have a comprehensive marketing strategy with an effective set of programs and tactics? Do you have a ROI measurement process in place of all your marketing programs? Is your web site effective? How many sales leads per month does your web site generate? Do you send regular e-newsletters? Do you follow up on your e-newsletters? Do you have a good social media strategy to build your thought-leadership?
Is your help desk working effectively with excellent call handling processes, effective performance measurement and is it delivering first time resolution in alignment with your SLA targets and with excellent customer satisfaction?
Are your automated services, measures and processes working well so that your technicians/engineers are all fully effective with minimum dead time, doing the work that you planned at the rates that you planned? Is your procurement processes efficient? Are your internal business tools and processes efficient?
Do you have carefully planned supplier strategy to ensure that you maximize their support, obtain investment into your business, and have the right portfolio of services and products with the right balance of supplier risk?
Do you add new products and services (either in house developed or sourced from a third party vendor) based on a clearly defined product development program?
Do you have systems, procedures, and policies in place to ensure that you create IP (Intellectual Property) that adds net worth to your bottom line and that your IP is adequately protected at all phases of product and service development, introduction and exploitation?
Are you billing effectively for all the services rendered? Are you collecting on time? Are you managing the profitability of each supplier? Do you manage your business from a financial perspective? Are you meeting projections? Are your financials on target with sales projections, profitability and cost management?
Are you an effective leader? Does your team believe that you are a good leader? Do you find ways to improve your leadership skills as well as those of your management team?
Do you monitor and survey your customers for their satisfaction levels? Are your customers satisfied with your performance? Are they referring prospects to you? How well do you know your customers?

All information provided by applicants is kept strictly confidential and are never disclosed outside of the authorized evaluation personnel. Only the company names of the top 50 winners are published to the public.