1. Complete the “APPLY” form to register and let us know that you are ready to participate and have your business evaluated in the 12 areas.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email with login access to the secure web portal for you to provide the information required in each of the 12 areas. You may contact us anytime by e-mail or phone to ask questions.
  3. The Judges/Coaches and research team will review the information that you provided and score in each of the 12 categories. Each Judge will only review and score the appropriate section for which they are assigned.
  4. All applicants will receive their results in real-time with a simple red light (need serious improving), yellow light (needs some improving) or green light (needs no major improvement) indicator so they instantly know where they need to improve. Applicants may request a more in-depth discussion of their results with a Coach.
  5. All applicants will receive an invitation to attend the Awards ceremony in their country. Regardless if you win an award, it will be a god opportunity for you to network and learn from your peers.
  6. The process starts over again every year so thee is always another opportunity to either repeat the assessment to compare year over year or move up into the top 50.
  7. The companies with the top 50 scores will automatically win the 50 Best Managed IT Companies Award. Every year, we will compare the highest scores from all participating countries to crown the Global 50 Best Managed IT Companies. Which countries will win the most?