COVID NOTICE, until it is save to gather in-person, all awards will be handed out through a virtual ceremony. It will be an outstanding social virtual networking event as we celebrate the best of the best in each country!

Attend UK Awards Ceremony VIRTUAL EVENT for December 10, 2020

Attend Canada Awards Ceremony (In-Person Event) in Toronto, February 11, 2021

Attend America Awards Ceremony (TBA)

Only for in-person events: All applicants will be invited to attend the awards ceremony to collect their award for free. However there is a fee to attend the Awards Dinner and must be confirmed with the purchase of a ticket at least 14 days BEFORE the date of the Awards Gala. A special code will be sent to applicants who qualify to register and/or purchase a dinner ticket. An e-invitation will also be sent with all of the information needed to attend. Attendees must bring the invitation to the Awards Event. Additional tickets may be purchased to have your colleagues attend and celebrate.

If you are not an applicant, but work in the IT Industry and would like to attend the Awards Ceremony you may purchase a ticket to attend. We receive the right to approval all such ticket purchases and attendees.

This will be a formal Awards Gala that recommends gents to wear a tuxedo or black or dark color suite. For ladies, an evening dress of your choice.