It is an award of excellence to recognize 50 VARs or MSPs in the target country, who run the best managed companies. The Award will identify the winner as an organization that has all of the important business practices to be successful. The actual size of the company is less important as we are primarily evaluating the business practices. Those who leverage this opportunity may gain a strategic competitive advantage. More importantly, it will help them to continually benchmark their business practices and improve.
TechnoPlanet, a North American channel marketing company that has been doing business in the channel for over 25 years. Its news media divisions have been producing leading channel events and awards for over a decade. The 50 Best Managed IT Companies is the award to recognize the very best run companies in the channel. We often hear of top 100 VARs or MSPs based on sales, but sales are not the only measurement of success and that data could easily be manipulated. Furthermore, many companies with lots of sales fail. What really sets successful and sustainable companies apart is the way in which they run their business. We believe that the best managed businesses will outsmart and outlast all others. So, we wanted to identify and recognize the best managed VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to help more to become better! It is part of our global mission to help the channel to become bigger, better and stronger!
Start by completing this application form. You will receive access and instructions to complete the full application. You can return anytime to pick up where you left off until you complete all sections. We recommend that you gather you appropriate teams to help complete each section. We will also contact you to answer your questions, if any.
There is no minimum criteria for taking this business assessment test and no obligation to provide any financial data. For the Award, you should be in business in the channel for at least 3 years. Although not a prerequisite, you should be profitable or you are on a fast growth path. Providing financial information is not required, but those who do, will receive additional points towards their total score (running your business on financially sound business practices is important – ask about an option to benchmark your financial data against thousands of peers). Your business must be operating in the country of your application.
Yes. With this recognition, Vendors, distributors and other establishments will immediately know that you have outstanding management skills and business operations. Your customers will also be impressed to know that they are working with a top performing company. You can also get some valuable insights on how you may improve your business. If you already run your business well, then this experience will help you to take it to the next level. You will also be part of an exclusive VIP networking experience in the IT Industry.
You will complete the required information in each of the 12 areas through a secure online portal. The system will score your company in each area according to best practice. Companies with the highest total 50 scores will win.
The business evaluation process will help you to identify any deficiencies. Most companies need some improvement in some areas of their businesses. The key is to improve upon your weaknesses so you can eventually become a top Best Managed Company.
Yes. And, there is a very special recognition for VARs and MSPs who win consecutive years! Companies that can demonstrate consistent best performance will become tomorrow’s top industry leaders. Many unique opportunities await these companies.It is also a great way to gauge your best practices improvements year over year!
Yes. You can consider joining a “MasterMind” Peer group where you will be grouped with eight other similar size companies to complete a year of business improvements. A group of six expert business coaches will be on-hand to help you get the job done. The mission will be to improve your business on every level to grow by 30% within the first year. See www.300elitemastermind.com
To win one of Best Managed IT Companies awards, the applicant will need to demonstrate that their company has what it takes to be one of the very best in each of the 12 business categories such as sales process, marketing, operations, financial and leadership etc. There are about 200 questions that each applicant will need to answer in this comprehensive business assessment.

On top of this, each applicant will be reviewed in several public areas such as the strength of their digital presence including their web site, social media, search engine results and marketing campaigns. Other activities that they do such as charity, community work, customer testimonials and other achievements will be reviewed. Other awards and certification levels will also be considered. Depending on the results of this review up to 6% can be added or subtracted from the applicant’s total score.

A combination of these business assessments will ultimately determine the final score and ranking of each applicant. The 50 companies will the highest scores will win the award in their country. The winners will be part an elite group within the country and in the World.

They will want to win this award because winning says that they are one of the best of the best-managed companies in the IT Channel. It says a lot about the company, its management and team. It is something that their management and staff will be proud to be recognized for and will want to show off, as it tells so much about who they are and what they do. It tells their customers and prospects that they believe in excellence and have an award to prove it. It says that they run an outstanding organization and is part of a small elite group of companies that are recognized for their best-practice business performance in the entire country.
Being recognized for operating one of the very best companies in the country is so much more rewarding to the employees and management on many levels.

  • Each department will be motivated to keep doing better, which will only improve the company in the future.
  • Your customers will be impressed and want to do business with an organization that believes in and is recognized for excellence.
  • New prospects will gravitate to the winners because they will prefer to work with suppliers that are the best in what they do.
  • Your community will be proud that you are part of their neighborhood.
  • The local news media will want to showcase your company to their readers.
  • Financial institutions will see another reason to support the company, as we know that the way management runs a company does matter in their decisions.
  • The IT distributors and vendors will seek out deeper partnership with the best companies for obvious reasons.
  • Channel news media will showcase the winners.
  • The award will be like a permanent trump card that will constantly open more doors of opportunities and benefits.

It is one award that the winners will want everyone to know about! Being recognized for your outstanding work has its unique set of rewards on so many personal levels.

This is one award that will actually benefit every applicant regardless if they win or not. Each applicant will receive a business assessment results to help them to better understand how they did in each category of best practice. It is a free business assessment that they can leverage to improve their weaknesses and build on their strengths. The companies may also speak with business experts to help them develop a proper roadmap to improve their business in the coming year. Striving to improve your business is always a good thing for any business and if done right, winning the award in the future is within grasp. Being a finalist in the 50 Best Managed IT Companies does have its own set of benefits and it also says that the company is committed to improving the way that they run their business.
Most people like to win awards but not all awards are equal in its desire to win or the benefits of winning. Ultimately, it depends on the award and the recognition that it brings its winners. The 50 Best Managed IT Companies Award is on the top end of the list to win. Winning one may actually matter more than any other award for VARs, MSPs and ITSPs. Who wants this award? This may be best answered by asking another question…Who wouldn’t want to win this award?
Have more questions? Please ask us!